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Speedboats Have Moved From Hotrods To Center Consoles
Fort Lauderdale Magazine — May, 2014  |  By Chris Caswell

There was a time, not too long ago, when 100mph on the water was reserved for daredevil racers. There was even a club, the Century Club, that included a handful of men who had broken the 100 mark.

Today, anyone with a sufficiently loaded checkbook can walk into a boat dealership and, by checking off a few boxes on an options list, order a 100mph speedboat. Want 120mph? Just check off a few more boxes. Even the most mundane family sportboats now run at speeds that would have won the Miami-Nassau Race back in the ’70s.

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Randy and Kim Sweers: The Husband and Wife Power Team Behind FastBoats Marine Group — The Pelican

Randy and Kim Sweers at FastBoats Marine GroupRandy and Kim Sweers: The Husband and Wife Power Team Behind FastBoats Marine Group
Featured Article In The Pelican

Husband-wife power team takes on luxury yachts, fishing and power boats with a team of expert technicians that keep them all ship-shape

Stepping into the world of yachting is as close as FastBoats Marine Group, 1490 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach. Here in the showroom is an overwhelming array of luxury vessels where racers, cruisers and anglers will think they are at the end of the rainbow. And for Randy Sweers, who owns this business with his wife, Kim, FastBoats is a rainbow that continues to expand.

Randy’s MBA from the University of Toronto, led him to a banking position in South Florida, but he was, as the cliché goes, “a fish out of water.” Boating and racing were his adored hobbies, so it wasn’t surprising when he resigned to seek employment in the marine industry.  With his educational background, Randy fielded lots of offers, but he didn’t jump for the first job.

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Press Review of the Sessa C54

Throughout its 18 years in business, Fastboats Marine Group has been featured in various boating and community publications. Magazines such as DuPont Registry, Boating, Yachting, Yachts International and Power and Motoryacht have highlighted many of the brands that we sell, such as Sessa Marine, Donzi and Midnight Express. Other magazines such as Poker Runs America and Powerboating in Paradise have featured our Offshore Race Team and highlighted the performance side of our business such as poker runs that many of our clients participate in. We are closely followed by local newspapers such as the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald for all of the charity and community work that we are involved in. Fastboats Marine Group continues to keep ourselves in the news by distributing press releases, email blasts and boat tests and by keeping in constant contact with the boating news community.

Quarterly Advertising in DuPont Registry Magazine

Fastboats Marine Group advertises in various local, national and international publications such as Gold Coast Magazine, Boca Life Magazine, DuPont Registry and Yachts International. We run full page, 4-color ads highlighting the services we provide and the brands that we carry. Our ads feature beautiful product shots with elegant, simplistic graphics and type to portray our “luxury meets performance” image. We advertise throughout the year, with a focus on the busy boat show season starting in October and running through March. In addition to print, we advertise on numerous websites such as YachtWorld, Offshore Only, Boat Trader, and