More FastBoats Marine Group Testimonials from Our Amazing Clients!

More FastBoats Marine Group Testimonials from Our Amazing Clients!“Hello Kim,

It was very thoughtful for you to send a note following the service your team did to get my boat back in action! I found your service team to be tremendously helpful, responsive and patient! I am among the least mechanical/technical person on the planet and it really helpful for them to review the systems with me and ensure everything was back in tip top shape. Many thanks again to you and your team and I’ll be in touch fairly soon as I come up on my 200 hour service on the engines…that is unless I break or mess up something else on the boat sooner!!!” — Will D.

“Randy is a true gentleman to deal with” — Conn S.

“Knowledgeable staff. If you appreciate fast boats then be sure to stop by here!” — Pam D.

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