PowerBoat Nation Features New OUTRAIAGIOUS MTI

PowerBoat Nation recently released this article, featuring the new and incredibly slick OUTRAIAGIOUS MTI, product of a collaboration between our own Randy Sweers and Dennis Raia. Check out an excerpt of the article below, or view it in its entirety here.

When a long time boat owner decides to create a build to top all he has done before, rather than dive into hours of details, review, and approvals, Dennis Raia simply tells Randy Sweers of Fastboats Marine Group to build it and let him know when it’s done

Of course this wasn’t the first build for Mr. Raia that Mr. Sweers has accomplished, but by my estimation it is the very best, and arguably the best 48 MTI done to date. OUTRAIAGIOUS is Mr. Raia’s third MTI and his fifth performance catamaran. The list of current and previous boats owned by Mr. Raia is long and distinguished: His current fleet consists of a 74 Viking Sportfish “Set in My Waves”, 42X Cigarette “Purple Haze”, with a matching 20 Cigarette, 38 Jupiter with Triple 350 Yamahas, 30 Hinckley and of course the new 48 MTI “OUTRAIAGIOUS”

The FastBoats Marine Group powerboating experience only begins with the build. The team at FastBoats brings the Epitome of “concierge” service. The hauler, the trailer, the scooters, everything is white and everything is spotless. Fastboats even has the mooring lines dry cleaned to keep it all fresh and ready. Under Fastboats care, Randy and Dennis have finished every Poker Run they have started since 2004. Randy says his job is to get Mr. Raia and his guests through the Poker Runs “fast and safe”.

The new 48 build had some special requirements and had to be done in a certain way. It could not just be another boat with a fancy paint job. This build had to be special, with attention to detail and a sophisticated style and look. This was achieved by using the styling cues from FastBoats Marine Group who has always brought a leading design and fashion edge to American powerboating using the familiar black and white theme from their 40 foot MTI race boat. The end result was a meticulously detailed high performance cat.

Source: www.powerboatnation.com; November 27, 2012.