Randy Sweers Talks Team FastBoats 2014 Race Plans

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Hammer Down Boating sat down with our own Randy Sweers to get a sneak-peek of what to expect in 2014 from Team FastBoats! Check out a portion of the article below, or click here to read it in full.

Hammer Down Boating: What were your impressions of the 2013 season?

Randy Sweers: The 2013 Season was a lot of chaos for TeamFastboats!! When we moved up to the 750 class, we realized we needed a little more “running surface” to be competitive. So, we sent the boat back to the MTI factory and had the boat lengthened. This process took a lot longer than we expected, so we missed most of the season. By the time we finally got the boat back to our facility in Pompano, we had less than 10 days to completely re–rig the boat. We barely made it to Key West and race #2 on Friday, and then we had an engine failure due to a leaking header. Needless to say, it was frustrating. But, we have put this behind us and are moving forward with our 2014 race season plans.

HMD: What boat (make) and size are you currently running?

RS: We are currently running a “41” Marine Technology Inc Catamaran. That’s right—MTI only makes a 40 and a 42!! So, we have a “custom” one–of–a–kind version! Hopefully being in–between will give us the best of both worlds—speed and acceleration in the calm races ,and the length to run in the rough races.

HMD: What does your boat run for power?

RS: Power is a pair of 509 CI Potter Performance engines. Ron has always done a great job for me, and he builds great motors. You will not find a more detail–oriented engine builder anywhere. The class has very strict limitations so you really need someone who can find every last horsepower!

HMD: How did you guys get into offshore racing

RS: One of my first jobs when I finished grad school was at Champion Marine in Miami, Fl. Back in those days, Richie Powers was throttling the Team USA cat with Don Johnson and Kurt Russel. Also, Jeff Sofer was running the Bud Dry 40 Skater. Being around this type of hardware made me think that someday I wanted to race! I certainly didn’t have the financial means at that time, but I knew someday I would!! My first race was at Islamorada in 1995 with Rob Nunziato in a 30 Motion Cat in Super Stock class. Later, I raced a 35 Motion with Larry Goldman; then, a 38 ZR Comp Donzi. Once you get Offshore Racing in your blood, it’s tough to sit on the beach and be a spectator!! Except, when it’s a really rough race, and you are watching everyone else get the crap kicked out of them!!

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Source: Hammer Down Boating; March 10, 2014.