Rave Review for FastBoats Marine Group

Rave Review for FastBoats Marine GroupThere’s a story to the effect that God once took the East Coast of the United States, tilted it and everything loose fell into South Florida. As a consequence of that, South Florida is a creepy place to do business, full scam artists, con jobbers and shady characters. The statistics on Ponzi schemes, fraud and forgery pretty much bear out the truth of that, so finding people with who to conduct business isn’t always an easy affair.

With boats, as in real estate, there are brokers and multiple listing services. Boat brokers, like real estate brokers are inclined to sell what they are brokering in order to get the full commission on the sale but in so doing, they are representing the seller and the buyer; burning their candle on both ends of the stick; so to speak. Hence it is often not such a bad idea that if you’re interested in purchasing a boat, to have a broker that represents you rather than you and the seller.

I’ve had the good fortune to come across FastBoats and have nothing but good words to say about them. I’ve found them to be helpful, kind, knowledge and polite in all the boat dealings I have had with them which are contrary to the experiences I’ve had with others. Hence, my five star recommendation.

-Marqus R.